Beatriz Alonso

Vocals, Minor Percussion & Lyrics

Beatriz Alonso graduated from the University of La Laguna Tenerife as a primary music specialist and has seven years’ experience as voice coach giving singing classes since 2010 at Mousike La Laguna.

Her career as a professional soloist began in the year 2000, she was initially a singer – song writer and formed part of the Colectivo Canario de Cantautores (the Canary Island singer-song writer collective). She had been in contact with music from the age of thirteen but her musical career began formally soon after as a composer and she took part in concerts for the Colectivo Canario de Cantautores which was directed by Alberto de Paz, the creator of Proyecto Semilla y del Festival de la Palabra de la Palma. When she was starting out she also took part in well-established groups such as Eclipse Reggae, Africuya y Pachumba as a backing singer. This experience put her in touch with Jamaican music, a style which has become entrenched in the Canary Islands since 2010.

Following this she became involved in Bolero Feeling and made two CDs: Con B de Bolero” y “Villegas 10”, which came out in Spain and Cuba .The first was presented in the legendary concert halls in La Habana, (Cuba), such as “Gato Tuerto”, “Delirio Habanero” . The second was recorded between Cuba and Spain and featured numerous collaborations with César Portillo de la Luz, César López (Irakere), Polo Ortí, Pavel Urkiza, Satomi Morimoto, Troveros de Asieta.

She combined all this activity with the research and support of the Chôro (Brazil) with the band Chôro Chobulé (Tensamba festival 2014) and with Beatriz Alonso Quintet, where she had her first contact with jazz. She has participated in La Palma Jazz Festival, with Antonio Lizana Group and Giuliano Parisi Trio, among others. In 2015, she was a part of the legendary Canarian band Atcheré that presented its latest album at the 14th Canarias International Jazz & Mas Festival. And it is during that time that she became involved in the Simbeque project. In duo format she brought to fruition the project “Puertas del Sur”. The CD and live concerts pay homage to the Latin American culture. This CD was also presented in The Canary Islands and on the Spanish Mainland. This year the second cd in the “Puertas del Sur” project was released: “Puertas adentro”.

Beatriz Alonso is currently the solo vocalist in The Simbeque project, a group which reinterprets Canarian folk music from a new perspective joining together jazz and other contemporary styles with more traditional Canarian music. The project has already released two recordings: “Simbeque project vol. I” y “Simbeque project vol. II”. She travelled to Boston (Massachusetts. USA), with Simbeque project last October in order to carry
out several ideas which have converged into the single aim of demonstrating to the world the richness of Canarian Music and throw light on the possibilities inherent in it for fusions and interactions. At the invitation of North Eastern University she gave a masterclass on Folk music and Jazz in the Canary Islands, recorded in the University recording studios and as a culmination of Simbeque project’s vist to the US a concert was given at the Fenway Centre. This came about in response to the interest shown by this prestigious centre and the invitation extended by them. The group have been motivated by the desire to put a spotlight on the contemporary musical culture in the archipelago at an international level.

She has also worked as guest artist on recordings and live at festivals and other performances at both local, national and international level. Some examples of these are Los Sabandeños, Big Band de Canarias, ATLANTIC JAZZ LAB, Kakofonías, Marta Solis, La Isla Music, Caracoles, Synthesis, Homenaje al Minuto, Himno de Canarias versión Electrónica con Ressonance, Sergio Núñez (Almería).

Apart from being a voice coach and singing teacher, and solo vocalist she also forms part of the association Mousikê, directed by Miguel Manescau.

  1. Cho Juan Periñal Simbeque Project 7:20
  2. Polca Majorera 8:10