Simbeque project


Simbeque project can currently be found in the spotlight of the latest Canarian folk music scene. The band is made up of eleven musicians from the different islands in the Canary Island archipelago. These musicians have a remarkably wide musical trajectory on both the local, national and international scene. This Canarian band delves into the depths of Canarian Folk music whilst paying special attention to its most purest of sounds. They defend its contemporaneity and the idea of internationalization as did other folk music such as the Cuban Son, Brazilian music or Flamenco, with much success. By bringing together and fusioning jazz, rock, electronics, funk or drum and bass in their arrangements they have created the ‘Simbequenian sound’. Thanks to this phenomenon they are connecting to a diverse audience that goes beyond the usual labels or the initial interest in the Canary Island culture.

Amongst some of the festivals and stages that have hosted Simbeque Project are Fenway Center (Boston, EE.UU); Auditorio Alfredo Kraus (Gran Canaria);XXVII Festival Internacional Canarias Jazz & Más Heineken (Tenerife); Espacio Cultural Aguere (Tenerife); XXIX Memorial Nanino Díaz Cutillas (Gran Canaria); Semana Internacional de Jazz – La Laguna or Natura Jazz 2017 (Tenerife).

The group began their career in 2015, starting out as a practice combo for teachers and students belonging to the Asociación Sociocultural Musical Mousikê (Sociocultural Association Mousike music). In the Archipelago this association is an important reference point and is known for its pedagogical work providing information, teaching and enrichment in the field of modern music and in its work in bringing people closer to some of the lesser known areas of music. And now three years later Simbeque Project, led by guitarist and creative director of this association Miguel Manescau, has released two CDs Simbeque project vol. I (2016) and Simbeque project vol. II (2018). Both of which are enjoying success with listeners and the media. (more…)

  1. Cho Juan Periñal Simbeque Project 7:20
  2. Polca Majorera 8:10