Jonay Glez. Mesa

Electric guitar and Violao

His journey as a guitarist started at 3 years old, without
needing too much musical training, since his father is
an experienced musician and he  formered to him in autodidact way.
He received external training classes with musicians like Juan
María Vidal, Munir Hossn or Yamandú Costa.
In 2012, he traveled to Mexico, New York and Brazil to continue with his training, forming part of the musical scene of these places, obtaining the admiration of the public and others professionals of the sector.
– Currently working as session guitarist, arranger, composer,
guitar and harmony teacher.
– Jonay G. Mesa has played with: Paula Morelenbaum (Brazil), Simbeque
(Canary Islands), Ras Kuko (Madrid), Elvis Crespo (Puerto Rico), David Pabón
(Puerto Rico), Mestisay (Canary Islands), Altay Paez (Canary Islands), Domingo “El
Colorao “(Canary Islands), Ade Da Costa (Cape Verde), Touché! (Canary Islands),
3aldente (Canarias), Jesús Garriga (Canary Islands), Superstereo (Canary Islands),
Ruts La Isla Music (Canarias), Moisés González (Canary Islands), En Clave De
Ja (Canary Islands), Ida Susal (Canary Islands).
– He has participated in the following festivals and contests: Al Rumbo
Festival (Cádiz – Spain), La Gata (Zaragoza – Spain), AME (Praia –
Cabo Verde), Guitarras En La Ciudad Blanca (Sucre, Bolivia), Rototom
Sunsplash (Benicasim – Spain), Viña Rock (Villa Robledo – Spain),
Cabo De Plata (Barbate – Spain), Canary Islands Jazz & More Festival (Great
Canaria – Spain), Jazz Festival De La Laguna (Tenerife – Spain).
  1. Cho Juan Periñal Simbeque Project 7:20
  2. Polca Majorera 8:10