José Alberto Medina

Piano and keyboards

He is an open minded pianist and a free and universal thinker . His world of sound is recreated in melody and counterpoint. Throughout his discography, you can see the influence of african rhythms and ethnic nuances that characterize the music of the Canary islands and how, in his compositions, he transforms them into a more contemporary style. Defined by critics as subtle, warm, intelligent, charming, José shows us each of these attributes in his live concerts. He has worked with musicians such as Dick Oatts, Jerry González, Sheila Jordan, Damon Brown, Zoe Francis, Jorge Pardo, Ginesa Ortega, Pere Bardagí and Javier Infante, for instance.

  1. Cho Juan Periñal Simbeque Project 7:20
  2. Polca Majorera 8:10