Simbeque Project

Simbeque Project arises from a studying combo between teachers and students of the Sociocultural Association Mousikê. The idea of this project, led by the guitarist from Tenerife, Miguel Manescau, who is also president of the Association, is a reinterpretation of the canarian folklore in a more contemporary line, closer to the philosophy of Mousikê, which is not other than the support and diffusion of modern music pedagogy.

Simbeque tries to be a meeting point between teachers, students and audience, trying to show a more contemporary way of understanding the folklore of our islands while respecting its roots and its purity by involving different generations and therefore different visions of folklore, unifying them in one unique direction, which is music and its compelling need of renovation.

This project has musicians with very vast local, national and international experience, and it attempts to mix the proven experience of some of them with younger people who are trying to gain a foothold in the modern music scene. It is important to show how, being faithful to the purest part of folklore and with the collaboration of representative figures, it can be merged with more modern elements of music that are being listened to and studied by all the musicians who want to make music their lyfestyle and profession.

We know a large number of traditional folklore groups throughout the archipelago that, of course, nourish and transmit the history and development of our music, but what this project tries, is to go a step forward in the same way other folklores like flamenco, son or brazilian music have done, opening themselves to fusion and therefore achieving a greater internationalization. In this way Simbeque aims to place the folklore of the Canary islands in the spotlight.

Again Mousikê tries to pioneer this type of intergenerational initiatives where study and knowledge sharing are the basic foundations without forgetting the staging, trying this to be its ultimate goal. Being able to put on stage all the work done and the effort made for almost a year, will be the main reward, not only for the artists personal satisfaction but what´s more for being able to show the different ways of understanding the same music.

For all these reasons above, we are very confident that Simbeque will become a reference, both historically and musically, not just as a a laboratory work but also as an opening to new musical horizons of our folklore in the 21st century.

Simbeque wants to put on stage a fresh and dynamig show, accompanied by an audiovisual work based on the videomapping, thereby achieving not being left alone as a musical work but as a mixture of different types of art. Undoubtedly , nowadays, this visual complement makes the project much more attractive because once more the past, present and future of the history of our music will be united in one show.