Simbeque offer also an educational project in format both workshop, as Master Class or seminar as needed, based on two main lines, the first a historic walk on the different influences and musical styles in the Canaries and the second based on the practical and theoretical explanation models rhythmic, melodic and harmonic reinterpretation used in the project.

As we mentioned above, the specific programming will always be based on the format to be decided each center or festival, which will detail duration and precise content of each of the blocks.

In the first part we will review all music that have influenced our folklore until today. As Canarias know is a strategic meeting point of many cultures and peoples in this part of the course we will make a sound journey from the prehispanic sounds more African influences, through all the Castilian influence, to travel back and forth with the Americas and their music they have deeply influenced the sound of the nineteenth and twentieth sampling folklore.

We will always seeking practical examples audience interaction with it trying to show and publicize our music, inside and outside our borders.

The second part will be more musically accurate, immersing ourselves in the characteristics that define this project as the key points of reinterpretation of folklore delving into the rhythmic and melodic changes and re-harmonization.

In this section we will practical examples of the original harmonic and melodic rhythmic patterns of our folklore and carefully analyze all variations.

  • Meter change.
  • Reharmonizing techniques as instrument.
  • Orchestration.
  • Metal arrangements.
  • Improvisation.
  • Sectional work.
  • Combos.
  • Application in traditional music of each country.

This proposal always is supported by the platform that gave the starting point for this project, mousike (put web), an organization with extensive experience in organizing educational events focusing on modern and popular music.